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Steven Graybar, Ph.D.

Welcome to my website. I developed this site to provide you with some information about me, and my psychotherapy practice. I had been a psychotherapy client long before I was ever a psychotherapist. My experience as a client was very positive. In fact, it shaped my approach to psychotherapy, my clients and their concerns. It is my hope that through your search, you find the right therapist and have a similarly positive and meaningful psychotherapy experience.

Warm regards,

Steve Graybar


Teletherapy or “e-therapy”

Whether you are engaging in social distancing or exercising a personal preference, I provide teletherapy- (psychotherapy online similar to Skype or FaceTime, or on the phone). Teletherapy is a safe, confidential, convenient and effective way of obtaining mental health consultation, psychotherapy or personal coaching. I have been teaching and consulting online with mental health professionals across the state, through the University of Nevada School of Medicine since 2013 and providing teletherapy with my psychotherapy clients since 2012. As such, I believe I understand what is needed to work effectively via the internet and I am happy to provide this service as a part of my professional practice.

This website provides information about Dr. Graybar and his clinical practice. Included are brief descriptions of his work in individual and couples therapy, his thoughts about personal change, health psychology and medical family therapy. Also included are selected publications and presentations as well as contact information.


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